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Speciality & Fine Food Fair B Corp Guide

B Corp LogoThe Speciality & Fine Food Fair B Corp Guide was created to help you easily find all the brands exhibiting at the Fair that champion being socially and environmentally responsible, and have gained the sought after B Corp certification. You can also find out more about how to become B Corp certified yourself, hear from Cotswold Fayre who have been certified for 8 years, and watch back some of our previous seminar sessions to find out more about the benefits of certification.

Sustainability is as important as ever and is rightfully so at the top of the agenda for the food & drink industry. At Speciality & Fine Food Fair we are committed to delivering responsible environmental and social operations of the Fair, but also to celebrate our producers who uphold all of these values across their business and who drive change within the fine food & drink sector.  

More details for the 2024 B Corp guide coming soon! Watch this space.

What is a B Corp and What are the Benefits

Speciality & Fine Food Fair 2023 B Corp Exhibitors

How Do You Become a B Corp

What is Speciality & Fine Food Fair Doing to be More Sustainable

Sustainability is as important as ever, and at Speciality & Fine Food Fair, we are committed to responsible environmental operations and event planning and as such commit to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and waste at the event. head to our sustainability page for more information.

Webinar: Waste Not Want Not: Tackling Surplus Food in the Retail Sector

The road to zero food waste can be a long and confusing one, but there are many businesses out there ready to help, and even more who have already begun the journey and are willing to share their experiences. Join our panel as they discuss everything from how to get started through to demonstrating your positive impact to your customers.

Webinar: Certified B Corp - Discover Sustainability Practises to Postively Impact your Business

A stamp of approval which truly resonates with consumers and their confidence in your brand. Learn more about this business certification and hear from those who've reaped the benefits. Designed for purpose and built for profit, our panel uncover the process, opportunities and benefits to acquiring B Corp status.

Find out more

For more information on what being a B Corp is all about, please click here to visit the B Corp website.