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Who are they?

The leading speciality food wholesaler to retail and one of the first certified B-Corporations in the UK. They use business as a force for good to benefit both people and planet, constantly seeking ways in which to minimise the impact of the supply chain to independent retailers.

They work in partnership with over 400 responsible food and drink producers, stocking over 4,000 ambient and chilled products all year round, with additional seasonal lines. They offer product ranges in line with the latest consumer trends and provide Carbon Neutral distribution to food halls, department stores, garden centres, farm shops and smaller food retailers throughout the UK.

How it all started...

Back in 1999, Cotswold Fayre started with the social purpose of employing people to whom others wouldn’t give a chance, as well as the purpose of ensuring independent retailers had easier access to a wide range of artisan food. In addition, although it wasn’t realised how important this would become at the time, consolidation of deliveries, the essence of wholesale distribution, is a massively carbon-reducing business model. Joining the B Corp movement was a ‘coming home’ experience.

It was a natural progression for them as a company in 2015 to certify as a B Corp as part of the first cohort launching the movement in the UK. Virtually no-one had heard of the movement back then, now many people in business are aware of the B Corporation certification, and the B Corp community is now the fastest growing in the UK with around 1,500 companies now certified, 25% of these are food and drink businesses in the sector in which we operate. Cotswold Fayre has 60 B Corp suppliers now, which is the highest of any B Corp, they believe.

How they went about becoming B Corp

To become a B Corp, they have undergone a thorough assessment of their business operations, practices, and impact. This assessment evaluates various aspects, including governance, worker treatment, community involvement, environmental footprint, and product sourcing. Huge amounts of evidence are required to demonstrate how good your company is for the world. The best thing about the B Corp movement is that the bar becomes higher each year, every B Corp must continue to improve to maintain their points score and the B Corp community is a great way of encouraging each other to be better for both people and planet.

In summary, B Corp certification holds profound significance at Cotswold Fayre. It validates their commitment to ethical and sustainable practices, connects us with a global community of purpose-driven businesses, and sets us apart in the marketplace. By continually improving and achieving B Corp certification, they demonstrate commitment to conducting business in a way that benefits not only shareholders but also stakeholders such as employees, customers, suppliers, and the community at large and they are dedicated to making a positive and lasting difference in the world.

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