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08 Apr 2024

Category Deep Dive: Truffle

Category Deep Dive: Truffle

In the ever-evolving world of food & drink, it's been hard to miss the surge in popularity that truffles have experienced in recent years.  

Once the preserve of luxury dining tables and high-end dishes, truffles are now used and celebrated across the culinary spectrum, from exclusive restaurants to casual dining to home kitchens.  

But what has this increase in use meant for a product that’s notoriously tricky to source, and what might be coming next in the world of truffles?  

Speciality & Fine Food Fair spoke to Rikki Constantinou, Co-Founder of Truffle Guys UK and Rita Brugnoli, Owner of La Rustichella, to find out more.  

There’s no doubt that over the past decade truffles have evolved from an elite product into something markedly more accessible for the everyday consumer. 

“Prior to about ten years ago, or maybe longer, there were only a few producers to cater for the elite audience who consumed truffles,” says Rita. “Truffles were originally only eaten during special celebratory occasions, such as Christmas, and were only accessible in the regions where they were grown.  

“In the last ten years, truffles have become more popular and as a result, there are now more players in the industry, and truffles are no longer supplied only by specialist producers. The result of this is that while there are now more truffles on the market, there has been a decline in the quality of the products.” 

Later this year, La Rustichella will be launching a new brand – Be Truffle – designed to cater to consumers with an interest in consuming truffles but without the price tag that would be associated with a luxury food item.  

“There is no doubt that there has been a surge in interest and appreciation of truffle as an ingredient,” says Rikki “It is hard to single out a reason because I think there are several. Being a ‘foodie’ in 2024 is somewhat of a lifestyle and with that responsibility comes the self-expectation to not only explore new foods and ingredients but understand them too. 

“Whether you’re a truffle lover or not, you cannot deny it’s culinary magic. The artistic interior, unique aroma and deep punchy taste make truffles so desirable. The popularity of truffle has drastically increased as they become more accessible. Truffle Guys as a company believe in keeping truffles ‘luxury’, but with accessibility in mind.  

“We work with a huge number of UK restaurants to help them deliver truffle indulgence to their menus and the more truffle options diners see, the more adventurous some newcomers may be. Winding back the clock, truffle was only available in London at Michelin Star restaurants and now you can enjoy at restaurants on most high streets.” 

New truffle trends 

When it comes to popular truffle trends in 2024 and beyond, Rikki comments: “I think there will be a lot more truffle options being made available from some of the big producers as they look to tap into the niche we have carved, and this will be a mix between condiments, snacks and ready meals too.  

“From our side, Truffle Guys have some amazing concepts that we are working on to incorporate truffle into the lives of truffle lovers everywhere. Our next product release is at the final stages of development and is a premium everyday product and one that we believe people will reach for more and more. I cannot give too much away, but we are excited to see people's reaction to this one.” 

Rita adds: “Generally, I’d say that whilst truffles have traditionally been used within Italian cuisine, there is now a clear shift towards the development of innovative products representing a range of culinary styles including Chinese and Indian.  

“It’s no longer just presented in a whole or sliced, pâté or oil format, the La Rustichella portfolio boasts truffle honey, truffle crisps, truffle salts, truffle powder, truffle butter and a range of exciting sauces and creams. We’ve even used truffle to create a wonderful cocktail at a recent event.” 

Sourcing quality product 

“Sourcing top quality truffles is a specialist skill reliant on having access to the best trained dogs and hunters, explains Rita. “The top dogs will have been sourced from specialist breeding lines, with Lagotto Romagnolo ‘Italy’s truffle dog’ being a highly prized breed renowned for its superior truffle hunting capabilities. Hunters pass down their knowledge of a truffle growing area from generation to generation and this information is highly sensitive, with every hunter keen to protect their ‘patch’.” 

Rikki adds: “With the emergence of the popularity in truffle, you can expect several individuals and companies to take advantage of the situation. Luckily for us, we have secured strong and reliable partnerships with hunters across Europe. Without the trusting relationships, it would be extremely tough for us to be able to facilitate our productions and deliver top quality truffle condiments to our customers.  

“When Jordan [Jon, Co-Founder of Truffle Guys] and I set out on our mission to give truffle to the nation, we identified that for us to succeed and scale our business, then the relationships we have with our suppliers are priority number one.  

“We regularly visit Europe to keep those relationships strong and ensure we can deliver on our promise. Don’t get me wrong, truffle seasons are extremely ‘weather dependent’. In 2022 there was a drought across Europe and the supply became a lot more challenging, but when you work with the right people, you can work together and tackle the issues together.” 

With new trends on the horizon and a concerted focus on quality sourcing, the truffle industry stands at the cusp of exciting developments, poised to captivate and delight culinary enthusiasts around the globe. We can’t wait to discover all the innovative truffle products and producers taking part in Speciality & Fine Food Fair 2024.  

Find out more about Truffle Guys at and follow them on Instagram at truffleguys.  

Find out more about La Rustichella’s range of products at  

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