World Charcuterie Live

05 Sep 2022
Taste the Trends Kitchen
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A look at the best of World Charcuterie. The word Charcuterie literally means Cooked Meats from the French Chair, “meat or flesh” and Cuit “cooked”. These may be Continental in style – Salami, Chorizo, Pancetta etc – or British – Chaps, Chine, Bacon, Black Pudding, Haslet etc. Charcutiers have been producing Charcuterie since as far back as the 15th Century, However, the history of charcuterie shows that what has become a hot trend actually began as a necessity instead of a luxury. We speak to some of the producers and experts in the world of world charcuterie today.
Steve Walpole, Director & Chef Consultant - Steve Walpole Ltd

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