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02 Jul 2024

Wildjac Revolutionises Outdoor Spirits with Eco-Friendly Paper Bottles

Wildjac Revolutionises Outdoor Spirits with Eco-Friendly Paper Bottles

In a pioneering move that’s set to transform the way we enjoy spirits outdoors, Wildjac is proud to announce its entire range of spirits is now available in eco-friendly paperboard Frugal bottles. Previously exclusive to our rums, this innovative packaging now includes all our gins and vodkas, reflecting Wildjac’s dedication to sustainable practices and continuous innovation.

Perfect for Festivals and Camping

Wildjac's new Frugal bottles are a game-changer for outdoor enthusiasts. Fully recyclable, lightweight, and shatterproof, these bottles are designed for convenience and sustainability. Whether you’re heading to a festival, camping trip, or summer holiday, our Frugal bottles ensure you can enjoy premium spirits without compromising on quality or the environment.

Eco-Friendly and Convenient

These innovative bottles are not only five times lighter than traditional glass bottles but also require six times less carbon to produce. The outer paper casing and cap can be recycled curbside, while the soft plastic liner is accepted at major supermarkets and recycling centres. This makes them the perfect addition to any sustainable summer packing list.

A Sustainable Journey

Founded by Chris and Aster Sadler, Wildjac Distillery combines traditional distillation methods with cutting-edge techniques to produce naturally spirited and sustainably crafted spirits. “We wanted to blend tradition with innovation, ensuring that every bottle we produce respects the environment,” said Aster Sadler. “Our expansion into Frugal bottles is a testament to our commitment to sustainability and our drive to reduce environmental impact. We hope to inspire other brands to follow our lead.”

Affordable and Premium Quality

Our new paper bottle range is available in 70cl at a recommended retail price of £28.95. This eco-friendly option not only supports sustainability but is also more affordable than our glass bottles, priced at £32.99. Perfect for refills, these bottles offer a cost-effective and environmentally conscious choice without compromising on the premium quality of Wildjac spirits.

Where to Buy

Customers can purchase the new Frugal range of rums, gins, and vodkas through select wholesalers, local farm shops and delis, and online at Don’t miss out on the future of sustainable spirits – order yours today and discover how Wildjac blends innovation with tradition in every sip.

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