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11 Dec 2023

Speciality's Top Christmas Picks

Speciality's Top Christmas Picks
The Speciality & Fine Food Fair team has put together their top three picks for the Christmas season! Check out the article below to see if you share any of their choices, or to get inspired with some fresh ideas for the holidays. Whether you're hosting a festive gathering or just looking to treat yourself, some of these ideas are sure to impress.

Nicola Woods - Event Manager

Nicky WoodsIt's so hard to limit it to just 3 but if I HAD to choose, it would be:

1. A Colston Bassett for my cheese board - it's one of the best!

2. Toast for Cheese by the Fine Cheese Co. - I love the apricot, pistachio and sunflower option, and who doesn't love a fancy cracker for their cheese?

3. Lastly, very retro, but my Christmas Day isn't complete without a 'Snowball' cocktail! It's a tradition in our house.

Nicola Macdonald - PR Director

Nicola Macdonald1. A Christmas morning mimosa - this needs no explanation!

2. Salmon, olive and cream cheese on an oat cake - the perfect pre-meal canapé to enjoy while friends and family arrive.

3. Dates wrapped in bacon - don't knock it 'til you've tried it! A delicious alternative to pigs in blankets.


James Murray - International Sales Director

James MurrayIn no particular order...

1. Brussel sprouts - the unsung hero of Christmas. Fried until golden brown, a smattering of bacon and salt/pepper to taste. Happy days!

2. Christmas pudding from our local independent wine/fine food shop - this to me is what Christmas is all about. Cinnamon, nutmeg and big slug of brandy.  What’s not to like!

3. A bold bottle of Bordeaux - wine fact of the day... did you know that once you take into account duty, shipping, packaging etc. you only get 21p worth of wine when you buy a £5.50 bottle, whereas that increases to £2.48 for a £10 bottle and a rather splendid £6.67 of wine for a £20 bottle! 

Amy Spargo - Marketing Manager

Amy Spargo1. Homemade pancakes for breakfast on Christmas Morning - a random tradition we have adopted in my family and my sister always does delicious toppings to go with them. And of course a mimosa to wash it all down with...

2. Marks & Spencer's Chocolate and Cinnamon Tortilla Rolls - every year these sell out so I always have to stock up on a few bags when I see them. I am devastated they didn't do them this year! #bringbackthetortillarolls

3. Roast duck - me and my mum aren't the biggest fans of turkey, so she always does a roast duck on Christmas Day.

Kate Bridle - Operations Manager

Kate1. Brie stuffed pigs in blankets - let me know if you want the recipe!

2. Homemade mince pies with flaky pastry

3. A Baby Guinness on Christmas morning


Phoebe Dunn - Head of Content

Phoebe Dunn1. Christmas dinner isn't complete without mashed swede - my mum mashes it with loads of butter, delicious!

2. Mulled wine, or mulled cider - anything alcoholic and mulled really!

3. Sprouts - we actually love a sprout in our house, and last year we fried them with marmite...a taste sensation!


Issy McKeever - Senior Commercial Executive

Issy McKeever1. A cold glass of Cremant - alongside Smoked Trout and buttery sourdough toast, this is a tradition every year in our house!

2. Roast goose - it's delicious and always makes me laugh. One year my dad put it in our small fridge in the cellar, didn't check on it and it froze, so we had to have bangers and mash on Christmas Day...I think he cried he was so upset!

3. Marks & Spencer's Belgian Flaked Chocolate Truffles - they are a once a year treat and so moreish!


Dermot O'Brien - Commercial Executive

Dermot OBrien1. Oysters...

2. A decent slice of Panettone

3. And a wee dram of Calvados!


Annabel Stalley - Content Executive

Annabel Stalley1. Brie - no cheese board is complete without it. On bread, on crackers, or just straight from my fork. DELICIOUS!

2. Guylian chocolates - this is the ultimate Christmas chocolate for me. I never have them at any other time of the year but they are ideal with a cup of tea and a Christmas film.

3. Lots and lots of Prosecco - can't get enough of it!


Isabelle Norris - Marketing Executive

Issy Norris1. Smoked salmon bagels and cream cheese for breakfast - breakfast is my favourite part of Christmas!

2. Always a mimosa in the morning :-)

3. Pavlova for dessert - with LOTS of strawberries.

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