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09 Aug 2023

Sample Great Taste Award winners at Speciality & Fine Food Fair 2023

Sample Great Taste Award winners at Speciality & Fine Food Fair 2023

Speciality & Fine Food Fair is the perfect place to discover a wide range of products recently recognised in the 2023 Great Taste Awards.  

Alongside the products available in the Great Taste Deli, a showcase managed by the Guild of Fine Food on Stand 3171, awarded products are scattered throughout the Fair, from the smallest startups to mainstream product launches from major players in the speciality and fine food sector.  

What do Great Taste stars mean?  

  • Three-stars: Exquisite. Extraordinarily tasty food and drink – around 2% of products are awarded 3-stars each year. Don’t leave the shop without buying it!  

  • Two-stars: Outstanding. Above and beyond delicious – less than 10% of entries achieve this rating. 

  • One-star: Simply delicious. A food that delivers fantastic flavour – approximately 25% of entries achieve this rating each year. 

Read on for just a taste of what you can discover at this year’s Fair:  

Bay Coffee Roasters, Stand 3151 

  • Papua New Guinea, Three Stars 

  • Honduras Fairtrade Organic, Two Stars 

  • Carnival, One Star  

  • Time Machine, One Star 

Bay Coffee Roasters’ aim is to make their coffee enjoyable for all, the Wales-based company only sources Arabicas, which require longer growing times and more specific climates. They’ve found that a medium to light roast brings out qualities that produce a cup that you can enjoy every day, each coffee is slightly different and they roast each one individually taking into account it’s process and the characteristics of its location. 

Chilli No 5. Stand 2534 

Chilli No 5

  • Perfect Piri Piri, Two Stars 

  • Pure No 5, Two Stars 

  • Hot Spicy Ketchup, Two Stars 

  • White Truffle, Two Stars 

  • Black Garlic Chutney, Two Stars 

  • Chilli No. 5 Flakes, One Star 

  • Chipotle CBD, One Star 

  • Devilish Dijon, One Star 

  • Forever Phall, One Star 

  • Heavenly Harissa, One Star 

  • Irresistible Satay, One Star 

  • Pizza Pizzazz, One Star 

  • Siracha Cha Cha Cha, One Star 

  • Totally Thai, One Star 

No. 5 creates award-winning gourmet chilli sauces using superfoods, antioxidants and health supplements. They have 20 international flavours based on which sauces people are most looking for on Google. The team of chefs work, for the most part, with fresh fruits and vegetables to create the most delicious sauces available on the market. 

Devon Distillery. Stand 1233 

Devon Distillery

  • Chocolated, Two Stars 

Devon Rum Co. was established in March 2020, and is a carbon negative business on a mission to share the joy of artisan rum with the world. Their award-winning range of spiced and flavoured rums are hand-crafted in the heart of Devon, with a focus on high quality ingredients, full-bodied flavours, and environmental sustainability. 

Alsop & Walker. Stand 2525 

Lord London

  • Lord London, Two Stars 

  • Idle Hour, Two Stars 

  • Ewe Eat Me, Two Stars 

  • Sussex Camembert, One Star 

Award-winning artisan cheese from East Sussex. Handmade by celebrated cheesemaker Arthur Alsop since 2008, Alsop & Walker’s range of acclaimed cheeses uses milk sourced from a local farmer, such as the semi-soft Lord London, semi-hard Mayfield, soft Sussex Brie, and hard Ewe Eat Me. The business also has a stall at London’s iconic Borough Market. 

Bray Cured. Stand 2637 

Bray Cured

  • English Coppa, Two Stars 

  • Longhorn Beef Pepperoni, Two Stars 

  • Flower Meadow Hogget Bresaola, Two Stars 

  • British Pancetta, Two Stars 

  • English Bresaola, One Star 

  • English Lomo, One Star 

  • Venison Old Fashioned Salami, One Star 

  • Wild Garlic Salmon, One Star 

Bray Cured was founded in 2021, when they turned more than a decade of experience creating cured sausage and artisan deli meats into a proper business. For years, they’d been producing small batches of Great British charcuterie for family, friends and private requests, so to finally incorporate Bray Cured, with the aim of bringing new British charcuterie to more charcuterie lovers, was brilliant. 

Bray Cured is a small, artisan producer. Everything they hand craft is made from the best ingredients and produced in tiny quantities, which are gone when they’re gone. It’s about passion for Great British charcuterie. The business makes artisan deli meats for the people who love them, people looking for something different and special. It’s the chance to make charcuterie lovers smile that gets them in the kitchen every day, putting their passion into every batch of every product. 

Capreolus Fine Foods. Stand 1420c 


  • Dorset Coppa, Three Stars 

  • Smoked Mutton, Two Stars 

  • Rampisham Tingler Salami, Two Stars 

  • Smoked Pancetta, Two Stars 

  • Dorset Air-Dried Beef, One Star 

  • Dorset Chorizo, One Star 

  • Dorset Guanciale, One Star 

  • Dorset Rosette Salammi, One Star 

  • Uphall Farmhouse Air-Dried Ham, One Star 

Capreolus is a family-owned charcuterie producer in West Dorset run by Karen and David Richards. Following time honoured techniques, they use free-range or wild meat to produce a wide range of charcuterie. The recipes have been developed by David and Karen with inspiration from traditional continental products but with their own West Country twist. 

ChocoMe Kft. Stand 2031 

  • chocoMe raspberry & yuzu jam, Two Stars 

  • chocoMe Petit 9 - Bite-sized dark chocolate squares filled with cocoa pulp juice, Two Stars 

  • chocoMe Petit 9 - Bite-sized no added sugar dark chocolate squares with freeze-dried raspberry inclusions, One Star 

  • chocoMe Raffinée - Enrobed no added sugar dark chocolate with Sicilian almond, One Star 

  • Chocomel Plant Based, One Star 

Perfect chocolates demand the finest ingredients: this is why chocoMe uses only premium couverture chocolate with 100% cocoa butter content, provided by the French Valrhona, Michel Cluizel, Cacao Barry and the Belgian Callebaut, the world’s largest chocolate manufacturer companies, and procures its diverse topping ingredients through carefully chosen German, Italian and French suppliers. 

Jude’s. Stand 1932


  • Vegan Chocolate ice cream, Two Stars 

  • Flat White Coffee, Two Stars 

  • Salted Caramel Bars, Two Stars 

  • Dairy Mint Choc Chip Stickbar, One Star 

  • Ginger Spice, One Star 

  • Lower Calorie (70 calories per 95ml portion) Salted Caramel ice cream, One Star 

  • Lower calorie (84 calories) bar with Madagascan vanilla ice cream with Belgian chocolate coating, One Star 

  • Lower Calorie Flat White Coffee, One Star 

  • Plant Based Chocolate Brownie, One Star 

  • Plant Based Chocolate Shake, One Star 

  • Plant Based Honeycomb, One Star 

  • Plant Based Madagascan Vanilla, One Star 

  • Plant Based Mint Chocolate, One Star 

  • Plant Based Mocha Shake, One Star 

  • Salted Caramel Crunch, One Star 

  • Vegan Salted Caramel ice cream, One Star 

  • Vegan Strawberry ice cream, Oee Star 

Jude's mission is to pioneer radical change in the industry by making the best-tasting ice cream and desserts and treading lightly on our planet. They create unbelievably indulgent products with the lowest possible carbon footprint we can and invest in the highest quality nature-based solutions to support biodiversity in the world around us. 

Lauden Chocolate. Stand 2520 

  • Blonde Caramelised Hazelnuts, Two Stars 

Lauden Chocolate was born out of frustration by their owners not being able to buy fine chocolate where they live. They would regularly visit some fantastic chocolate shops with great customer service but their taste buds were more than often left unsatisfied. To the owners, Sun and Stephen, “It’s all about the Chocolate!” so they decided to make their own. 

FoieGood The Foie Gras Alternative. Stand 928


  • Canard SA for FoieGood Confit 2 Duck Legs, Two Stars
  • Canard SA for FoieGood Dry Aged Duck Picanha

FoieGood takes great pride of producing ensuring the highest standards of animal welfare to its ducks. This way they can obtain more environmentally sustainable gastronomic gems. FoieGood is a constantly evolving project, always with the goal off offering consumers the best possible alternative to foie gras duck products. This is why they can announce that, predictably, they will be the first company in the world obtaining the Animal Welfare Certificate for ducks with fatty livers.

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