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31 May 2024

A Day in a Life Of... Luxury 1701

A Day in a Life Of... Luxury 1701

First task of the morning?

5.30 - 6am wake up, followed by a cup of freshly brewed coffee with my fiancé where we disucss each others day ahead. I then settle down into the planning for the day, making sure all customers who’ve  emailed are attended to, online orders have been received and that our factory and production teams have been briefed. I then have a 30 – 45 minute conversation with my business partner about all things 1701 and nougat!

And just like that, it's mid-morning already...luxury1701

I make my way to our factory facility to check on production, making sure our team is working efficiently and understands order lead times. I check in with managers to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Online orders need to be underway and prepped for dispatch.

It's lunch time!

I usually sit at a local coffee shop / eatery and enjoy a quick healthy lunch. During this time I try take a moment to not worry about being on any devices. Always difficult to do, but its important to try and take a breath and step away from the craziness.

Afternoon pick me up?

I’m usually home around 3 – 4pm when the factory team and management have things under control. But my day doesn’t end there! I’m a big fan of earl grey tea – my afternoon pick me up usually involves a cup and often I eat something called a “rusk” which is a South African style biscuit best eaten when dipped into the tea! My afternoons are usually a time for the next day planning as well as conceptualising new products, ranges, what we doing for Christmas gifting etc - the “fun stuff”.

It's time to wind down!

When 6pm strikes I usually close the laptop, make dinner with my Fiancé and settle down into some series watching and eating a few marshmallows and chocolates on the couch! Healthy lunch and dinner and a few sweets to end the day – all about balance.

To find out more about Luxury 1701, and to take a look at some of their amazing products, head to their website here:

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