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28 Jun 2024

A Day in a Life of... No More Lids

A Day in a Life of... No More Lids

First task of the morning?

Always up bright and early and out with the dogs before breakfast, shower and out and usually at my desk for 7am as I find the early part of the day before the phone starts ringing and the emails pour in, is one of the most productive parts to the day! A great chance to catch up on emails and orders then I like to set out a list of my tasks for the day so it's fresh in my mind and I am ready to go!

And just like that, it's mid-morning already...cake

Mid Morning is a great time to catch up with Hong Kong and check in on production for the next cups, work on any bespoke designs for customers and of course grab a quick coffee before back on with the day's tasks. Usually I dive into the morning emails at this stage supporting our network of resellers around the country.

It's lunch time!

Lunch is usually at my desk and is a perfect time for crossing off a lot of the day's task list as most hospitality clients are at their busiest time over lunch so that means the emails and calls drop down. I use this time to work on awareness of The Good Cup and catch up with our social media guru Sam Howe from filmsbach.

Afternoon pick me up?

No time to rest mid afternoon as its always a busy time preparing samples boxes and orders in time for the courier as we don’t like to keep people waiting for their next delivery of The Good Cup. It’s so satisfying to see so many people making the switch and making a difference.

It's time to wind down!

Clocking off time varies as I like to finish each day as up to date as possible as you never know what the following day may bring but it's always good to switch of the lights and head back home for time with the animals and Jay. Cooking dinner is a nice way to switch my mind off from work and relax and have always loved cooking..

To find out more about No More Lids, and to take a look at some of their amazing products, head to their website here:

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