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06 Feb 2024

A Day in the Life Of... Cornwall Pasta Co

A Day in the Life Of... Cornwall Pasta Co
For the next edition of 'A Day in the Life Of...' we spoke to Nick Egan the CEO of Cornwall Pasta Co, an award-winning British pasta company based in Cornwall. Read on to hear his the behind the scenes look at a typical day in his business...

First task of the morning?

The mornings begin quite early here at Cornwall Pasta Co. I like to be up any time after 3am to get into the factory for around 3.30am. A tea to start, then another to wake up. If I amcornwall pasta co making pasta it's then onto our pre start checks in the factory followed by 6-8 hours making. Alternatively, I will be in the office working. 

I find the early starts really get me ahead of the pack, my productivity & concentration are much better first thing and it allows me to do other tasks later in the day.

(Talk us through the first things you do in the morning. You can include what you have for breakfast if you like, do you go for a morning run or walk your dog? What time do you start work, and do you pack any orders that came in the day before, or do you spend the morning responding to email enquiries?)

And just like that, it’s mid-morning already…                                                                                                                                                         

Breakfast can be pasta, an absolute favourite is our Organic Chestnut Gnocchi just cooked through in milk, actually it feels like a mid-morning snack, a little after breakfast but before lunch. After fuel I make time to exercise, I believe it plays such a huge role for our overall wellbeing.

Exercise starts with a 30/40-minute run or a cross train in the gym followed by a cold water swim again 30/40 minutes and that’s not weather permitting - it's most days unless I'm working away, especially in the winter! The icy temperatures really energise me, unwinding the mind into deep clarity and focus, I get a lot of my decisions made swimming in the sea.  swimming                                                                                                                                                       

It’s lunch time! Or in this case dinner…

And then it's lunch time, or mostly I missed the regular slot of lunch time, I  tend not to have set meal times allowing my work to determine my eating habits. I guess really I miss breakfast and then only actually have two main meals. I do drink a lot of tea, has to be said, it's a constant!

Dinner is an early one when possible, I always prefer an early large dinner with lots of different foods, including pasta! But a good mix, salad, veggies, bread which I make, that said I'm usually making bread in the evenings after work so it's not so much of an early dinner…. all organic. I really stand by my values and principles. What we feed ourselves is so, so important, more so than anything else.

My socials are usually done around mealtimes, photos or a quick content video, mostly for Instagram @cornwallpasta.

Food has played the biggest role in my life since my first kitchen job. I started working in professional kitchens at 13 and have been involved in food ever since.

After dinner, I will usually catch up on emails and then do our online orders so they can be booked onto the system for the mornings’ mail run.

A wind down is speaking with friends or watching something food based on catch up. This is one of the habits that's stuck since my early hotel days doing split shifts for a decade or so in my late teens/early twenties. In those days a staple was ready steady cook, before heading back to do dinner service.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this and if you wanted to come along and say hi, I will be exhibiting at Speciality in September!

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