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24 Nov 2023

Christmas Menu Trends 2023 with Egg Soldiers

Christmas Menu Trends 2023 with Egg Soldiers

As Christmas dishes go in the UK, traditional options fairly rule the roost, with the likes of pigs in blankets, honey-glazed hams, beef wellingtons, crispy roast potatoes, all things turkey, and (if you're a fan) Brussels sprouts among the classic big-hitters headlining the show every year.

It goes without saying that these festive food staples are very much here to stay, much like how chocolate eggs are synonymous with Easter. But for chefs and developers looking to stand out during the Christmas season, the above is often just the tip of the iceberg.eggsoldiersmenutrends

This is very much the case for the food retail giants every year, with alternative Christmas showstoppers to dovetail the classics once again seen to be a feature across the board when ranges dropped way back in the summer.

Tesco, for example, is going big for duck in 2023, with pigs in blankets finding a new home atop rich steak & gravy pies.

Elsewhere, Marks & Spencer is firing out Pulled Beef & Potato Rosti Towers; Sainsbury's is unleashing a Slow Cooked Beef Short Rib with Bone Marrow Jus; Asda is rolling out Sundried Tomato Stuffed Monkfish Wrapped in Prosciutto; and Waitrose is letting fly with Smoked Salmon Éclairs.

Again, that's the tip of the iceberg of what's arriving. And as is the case with every seasonal food opportunity, from the aforementioned Easter to Halloween; there can be no rest for food development teams once seasonal ranges have had sign off, with early-stage inspiration for Christmas seasons yet to come already well under way.

It goes without saying that hospitality always plays a big role in retail ideation phases. And with chefs up and down the country now revealing their menus for the festive season, our friends at Insights Lab have been pouring over Christmas dishes for 2024/25 retail product inspiration, pulling concepts and combinations from the best and brightest to produce a comprehensive, market-first report for food professionals looking to get ahead on next year.

And, earlier this month, the team released a free taster of the main report, highlighting three of the many festive interest areas and spotlighting several innovative offerings.

Click here to read the free article on the Insights Lab website, with party food flourishes, seasonal sauce spins, and creative Christmas comfort all featured.

Insights Lab by Egg Soldiers provides detailed reports and immersive workshops to drive innovation for F&B businesses, with the team producing a regular food trends newsletter and free insight deep-dives to inspire NPD teams and spark conversation.


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