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03 Jan 2024

The Free From Food Awards are now open for entries and they want you to submit your speciality products!

The Free From Food Awards are now open for entries and they want you to submit your speciality products!
The UK’s only award for food and drink which are free from at least one of the UK’s top 14 allergens, the Free From Awards recognise and celebrate safe, quality & innovative products and Speciality & Fine Food Fair are delighted to be sponsoring the Speciality Category. Entering the awards is a great way to highlight your products and stand out from the competition, enhance your credibility when it comes to networking, marketing and encouraging investment, and bring a motivational boost to your team!

We hope you have enjoyed a restful Christmas break, where you will no doubt have indulged in many delicious and festive delicacies. Excellent! You will also most likely have celebrated with friends or family with food allergies or hypersensitivities, for whom it may not have been safe to tuck in with the same relish…

Free from and allergic consumers are just people who cannot eat or tolerate certain ingredients for fear of illness or worse, yet they enjoy high quality, premium foods just as much as the next consumer.

Speciality foods can be a serious joy-booster for free from and allergic consumers, whose baseline for consuming a product is simply whether it is safe for them, and are delighted to find any products they can eat or drink.

The intention with the Free From Food Awards Speciality category is to provide a platform to spotlight small, independent producers, so consumers know where to go for those special foods to treat themselves and friends or loved ones. Entering the Speciality category is a great move for smaller brands to widen their reach and for the free from consumer to make some exciting new discoveries!

We are looking here for unique food items, typically made in smaller quantities, often hand-made or with an artisanal element, and from high-quality ingredients.

We know that much of the very finest food and drink is made by small batch producers, thus only available regionally, and so to draw attention to the very best in free from across the UK, for the first time our Speciality category, sponsored by the Speciality and Fine Food Fair, will be open to to both national and regional producers. This means that products entered into this specific category do not have to have to be available nationwide.

As with all entries, products entered in this category must be free from at least one of the top 14 UK-listed major allergens with no precautionary allergen labelling for the allergen/s specified in the free from claim. Entries can be sold via retailers, farm shops, local markets online or in coffee shops.

If you would like to find out more you can visit our website or message us here. If entering isn’t applicable for you, spread the word and if you can recall enjoying a delicious free from bite somewhere on your travels we’d love to hear about it.

Entry is open NOW, with a 10% discount on entry until 19th January.

The Speciality category is just one of 30 categories at the Free From Food Awards covering all meal and drink occasions.

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