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Shell Scheme - What's Included

A Shell Scheme stand is one that the Organiser’s contractor, Showlite, will build on your behalf. Shell Scheme stands will be ready for interior decoration and delivery of products at 8.00am on Monday 9 September. They include:

  • Walls – number will depend on whether the stand is one, two or three sides open.  This information can be found on your contract.  If you would like to double check this, please contact the Organisers.
  • Grey Carpet is provided with the stand. If you would like to provide your own floorcovering, please contact the Organisers.  No refund will be given if you decide to supply your own floorcovering.
  • LED Spotlights
  • Electrical Socket (depending on the size of your stand)
  • Fascia and nameboard. The exhibiting name displayed on the nameboard will be taken from your contract.

Additional items such as shelves, storage areas or worktops can be ordered from Showlite:

T: 01264 365550

Full Specifications

Below you will find links to the full specifications to the different types of shell scheme at Speciality and Fine Food Fair 2024. Please ensure you download and follow the correct Specification for the stand you have booked. You can find your stand type on your contract. If you are still unsure of which specification is relevant to you, please contact the Organisers, who will be able to help.

If you have booked a Standard Shell Scheme not on the Gallery Rail, please download the Specification below:

If you have booked a Standard Shell scheme along the GALLERY RAIL, please download the Specification below:

If you have booked a Standard Shell Scheme in the START-UP VILLAGE, please download the Specification below:


If you have booked Shell Scheme in the DRINKS AT THE FAIR section please download the Specification below:

If you have booked Shell Scheme in the WINE CELLAR section please download the Specification below:


Electrical Regulations & Information

The electrical contractor is Showlite who is responsible for and will carry out all electrical work on stands within the exhibition halls.

Jenni Green
Showlite Ltd

T: 01264 365 550
Click here for the electrical order form

Lighting and Electrical Socket Packages

All shell scheme stands are supplied with the following lighting and electrical socket packages based on stand size.

Up to 2.9m²   2 x Spotlights on track
3m²-18m² 2 x Spotlights on track & 1 x 500watt socket
3m²-18m² 4 x Spotlights on track & 1 x 500watt socket
27.1m² and above  6 x Spotlights on track & 1 x 500watt socket

If you require any additional lights or sockets, please place your orders with Showlite, using the order form. Orders must be made by Friday 9th August to receive the early bird pricing. Other prices can be provided if required.  The price for fittings listed on the form covers the hire, power requirements, maintenance during the open period and removal at the close of the exhibition.

Basic Guidelines for Socket Sizes and Usage

Listed below are examples of "typical" loadings for items plugged in to socket outlets:

500 watt sockets: computers, TV’s, video’s, spotlights to 500W, refrigerators
1000 watt sockets: domestic filter coffee machines, lighting up to 1000W
2000 watt sockets: kettles**, machinery up to 2000W
3000 watt sockets:   hired coffee machines, machinery 2000W to 3000W

Note ** kettles and refrigeration / freezer requirements vary between 500 and 3000 watts.  Please check with the supplier or check the reference tag or plate on the machine.

If you have any questions about the exact electrical requirements for your stand, please contact the electrical contractor using the details above who will be happy to advise you.

Deadline Date

Orders for extra items must be received by Friday 9th August for early bird prices.  Orders received after the deadline will be subject to the standard prices, which is a 20% increase on the early bird price.

Enquiry Desk

During the build-up period, an enquiry desk will be located outside the Organisers Office to assist exhibitors with any electrical queries or problems. The desk will be manned from 0800-1800 hours daily.

Supply Timetable

Electricity will be energised to stands as quickly as possible during the build-up period, subject to satisfactory inspection and testing of installations. 

From the time your sockets are energized they will remain on, 24 hours until 30 minutes after the show closes, which will be 1730hrs on Wednesday 11th September.

Any exhibitor needing electricity for the running down of machinery or refrigeration equipment etc. when the exhibition closes at 1700hrs on Wednesday 11th September, must inform the Organisers’ Office of their requirements no later than 1700hrs the day before (Tuesday 10th September), for this to be organised in time.