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Origins Diet

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Origins Diet

Our Origin Story

Origins began when Dr. Sarah Brewer realised that despite having access to endless products today, one vital element was missing. Although shops are stuffed with modern solutions, we had left behind a piece integral to the heart of the human experience - a foundational part your body and mind depends on. What our ancestors knew and many civilisations revolved around: Nutritional Rituals.

Those time-honoured traditions which can unlock whole body rejuvenation. Uniquely updated to help you overcome the new pressures you face today.

Bridging the gap between how your body has evolved and the latest nutritional advancements. Using mother Earth’s most nourishing foods to ensure your best years are yet to come.

Our products

Nature’s Gift Bone Broth - The Bone Broth Your Whole Body Will Adore
A new scientific upgrade to the original superfood. Nature’s Gift Bone Broth is a delicious high-protein, low-calorie meal replacement. Rich in grass-fed collagen and 19 amino acids, Nature’s Gift naturally supports a healthy gut, fast metabolism and rejuvenated hair, skin and nails.

Ancient Roots Olive Oil - An Extra Virgin Olive Oil Unlike Any Other
A premium, single estate olive oil made with Tuscan olives grown in rich volcanic soils. Overflowing with polyphenols, this rare olive oil supports a healthy weight, radiant skin and hair, pain-free joints and a sharper mind.


25 Wilton Road
United Kingdom
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