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Jun lebanese gin

Stand: 1846
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Jun lebanese gin

 Jun is a premium and unique lebanese gin crafted by Rechmaya Distillery in 2018. It takes its name from the wild and organic native juniper berries and is made using 8 other botanicals, giving it a distinctive quality. The name "Jun" also has a connection to the month of June, as well as every other month of summer, highlighting its refreshing and seasonally versatile nature.

Jun has been recognized with a gold award medal, acknowledging its exceptional quality and craftsmanship. 

Moreover, the fact that Jun is proudly distributed in Lebanon indicates that it has gained popularity and appreciation in its country of origin. Expanding into the international market is a significant achievement, with distribution in the USA and Europe suggesting that it has garnered attention and demand beyond Lebanon's borders.

With its unique blend of flavors, cultural influences, and a focus on enjoyment, Jun seems to have the potential to appeal to a diverse audience worldwide.

locally sourced botanicals ; juniper excelsa, mastic, coriander seeds, bayleaves, ginger, galangal, rosemary, lemon peels and orange peels.

The philosophy behind Jun is beautifully simple: "enjoy." This indicates that it is crafted with the intention of bringing pleasure and delight to those who savor it - JUN IS THE CHEERFUL SPIRIT.​







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  • Product of Rechmaya distillery, JUN-Dry is a dry Lebanese gin, especially crafted for cocktails. The imported  juniper communis vapor-infused with native and wild angelica silvestris seeds from Rechma ...
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