Foie Royale

Stand: 2005
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Foie Royale

Foie Royale is an ethical and sustainable alternative to foie gras. It was developed to create not only the flavour of foie gras, but also the natural texture in the mouth.


Rather than the cruel force-feeding method, the birds are raised for their meat, fed naturally, and each has more than 25 square metres of space to roam, far beyond typical free-range standards. Healthy, normal-sized livers and fat are collected and blended in the same composition as foie gras using modern technology. As a result, the product has the same texture, melt-in-your-mouth sensation, and flavour as foie gras. It is a product full of versatility, can be seared, roasted, poached or blitzed as an ingredient in many dishes to enhance flavour, served hot or cold.


Unit 3, Rowan House
Sheldon Business Park
SN14 0SQ
United Kingdom
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  • Foie Royale Entier was developed to create not only the flavour of foie gras, but the natural texture in the mouth and a more natural looking product, an ethical, sustainable alternative to foie gras.


  • Foie Royale Entier has been shortlisted as the finalist for the Innovative Product of the Year category – demonstrating creativity and innovation of the heart of its concept. 
  • Dan Moon, Foie Royale Ambassador Chef shared his journey in cooking, elaborated more on his passion - seeking for new, sustainable and ethical ingredients in his menus with his creative cooking idea.
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