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Eugène Chocolatier

Stand: 1530
  • | Artisan / Speciality / Fine
  • | Breakfast
  • | Easter
  • | Feel good
  • | Winter
  • | Organic
  • | Private / White Labelling
  • | Sustainable
  • | Vegan
  • | Belgian
  • | Food & Drink (Foodservice)
  • | Jams / Honey / Spreads
  • | Chocolate
  • | Convenience store
  • | Independent retailer, delicatessen & farm shop
  • | Supermarket & multiple retailer
  • | Online retailer
  • | Wholesale
  • | Distribution
  • | Foodservice
  • | Importer
  • | Innovation
  • | Tasting
Eugène Chocolatier

Eugène chocolatier is a brand of spreads. The production is done with organic ingredients, as local as possible and in an artisanal way.

Eugène Chocolatier gives pride of place to quality spreads without compromise in terms of ingredients.

Back to basics… No added oils, no preservatives, no nasty extra ingredients!

Behind Eugène…

For Eugénie it all started back in 2005 when she adventured alone for several months in Ecuador.
When this devoted gourmet discovered Ecuador’s chocolate manufacturing process, her future took on a new meaning !

Upon her return to Brussels, she began studying management at ICHEC simultaneously with chocolate making at Ceria. Upon becoming a mother, she started making her own spread so she could offer the best to her children. Ten years after Ecuador, Eugène sold her first jar of Choco Hazelnut, the family and the company grew, the flavors multiplied, and the team expanded.

And then… Marie came into the picture! Addicted to chocolate since her first steps, she developed an acute ecological awareness during her studies in environmental sciences and while bicycling for a year in Canada.

Convinced by the values advocated by Eugène, she decided to join the team in 2020, driven by the desire to fill the Belgian market with healthy and ethical products and to contribute to thoughtful consumption. A meaningful commitment !

Eugénie and Marie are two Brussels native women, who are also colleagues, mothers, but above all two friends with an infinite (but not too subtle) sense of humor.


Eugène Chocolatier
Avenue Georges Henri 410
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