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Ellouze 1870

Stand: 2730
  • | Tasting
  • | Artisan / Speciality / Fine
  • | Organic
  • | Oils / Fats
  • | Independent retailer, delicatessen & farm shop
  • | Distribution
  • | Start-Up Village
  • | Hospitality
  • | Gift Food
  • | Sustainable
  • | Food & Drink (Goods)
  • | Foodservice
Ellouze 1870

Exceptional organic olive oil produced by the Ellouze family, who have been growing olives on the sunny Mediterranean coast of Tunisia since 1870, when Hassan Ellouze, the great great grandfather of the current owners, first established his olive groves there. Today, the business is still family owned and run, and the estate spans over 400 hectares with approximately 7000 trees, many of which have been growing since the groves were first planted. The family has a passion for sustainability, marrying traditional farming methods with modern technologies, as well as for the local community, employing locally and working to support other farmers in the region.


United Kingdom
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