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Representing Diverse Food Cultures in Retail

11 Sep 2023
Trends Theatre

"International" food is one of fastest growing areas in the food industry, with new "must-have" dishes & ingredients being discovered every week. The "world food" shelves in supermarkets, delis and specialist food shops are usually the most vibrant and colourful, but are the ingredients and dishes on display a true representation of the countries they originally hail from?

Join our panel of esteemed women in the food industry as they discuss what the public expect of "international food", how international ingredients, ready meals and recipe kits can be created with respect to origins and how to create an authentic portfolio of international products that sell & encourage return visits.

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Mex Ibrahim, Co-founder - Women in The Food Industry
Lorna Nanda Gangotra, Founder & Owner - Lorna's Indian Kitchen
Regina Antony, Senior Marketing and Communications Manager - Foundervine
Reiko Hashimoto, Founder - Hashi-Japanese Cooking
Nidhi Verma, Head of Food & Co-Founder - The Cookaway World Food Recipe Kits
Elainea Emmott, Food Writer, Chef and Food Photographer

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