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EVOO Martín de Prado
P.I. Industrial Arroyo Caballo calle 1, nº 93-95
Tel. 34 670 421 991



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Success has been inevitable for Martin de Prado last years, since its EVOOs talk an universal language, and flavor seems to come from elsewere.
Close your eyes and smell it...

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World Best Olive Oil PRIMICIA by Martin de Prado

Evooleum 96/100 blend Primicia, there it comes!. A balanced and persistent EVOO with a never ending after-taste nuances. Occurs during 2016/2017 harvesting with 3 of our best monocultivars profiles...

Picual ever so Special, by Martin de Prado

4 generations Martin de Prado´s know-how, devoted to agriculture and livestock farming throughout Extremadura and both Castillas, grows with endearment and transforms into a premium EVOO its Picual...

Manzanilla from Villuercas Geopark, by Martin de Prado

This monocultivar Manzanilla EVOO, grows on the slopes of an outstanding geopark. It is also a variety highly regarded by oleologists and we use as a relish at the beginning of everything in the ki...

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Cakes | Gift Packs | Health & Wellness | Seasonings | Mail Order | Table Sauces | Extra Virgin Oil, Single Estate | European | Free From – Artificial Ingredients | WHOLESALER/DISTRIBUTOR


Varieties Pairing
Agronimist & Field´s Integral Project MD
Madrid Delegation | Mrs. Mª del Carmen Martín de Prado
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Aug 3, 2017

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Martín de Prado is our family name.
We grow, transform, bottle and distribute : 4 mono-cultivar EVOOs, 1 Coupage and 1 Blend called Primicia, very well known all around the world.

- Endowed with 4 generations know-how and devoted to agriculture and livestock farming throughout Extremadura and both Castillas, Martín de Prado is a trustworthy family name.
- Provided with a staff committed and motivated.
- In a region of generous soils, mild winters and extreme temperatures in summer and a perfect place for birdwatching.
- Preserving from light and also honouring your table mise-en-place, the anti-refilling dark glass bottles make what we call an everyday gourmet!.
- National and international selling services and after sales support department.

In terms of health, we aver that the extra virgin olives oil we talk about is not a merely ingredient to be consumed row or cooked but a natural aliment that prevents from cardiovascular diseases and which slows down breast cancer due to its compounds* protective functions.

Olive oil trees produce at their best when they grow following traditional methods and spacing ranges. When the phenomenon of oil´s raising production occurs in the fruit, appears a natural supply of extra compounds -*antioxidants, vitamins and anti-inflammatory agents-, easily assimilated by human body. This wholesome Extra Virgin Olive Oil is also an extraordinary source of squalene which will nourish the skin and benefit every single member of a family.

Concerning methodology, the commitment of bringing the best results, in terms of high gastronomy and nutritional values, obliges us to an exclusive night harvesting at the olive orchard. Coupled with a quick cold press, with efficiency, in live operation and cleanliness. All procedures in the utmost strict conditions, as required by ISO 9001:v15, ISO 14001:v15, BRC, IFS and FDA.

When labours at the olive groves start, at night, in late September or early October:

- Branches are assisted but not beaten and olives never fall on the ground.
- Olives are gathered and promptly carried in shallow containers towards the mill at the magnificent city of Trujillo.
- Milling occurs separately, one variety at a time, and a 2 phases centrifuge separates oil from moist olive paste, the alpeorujo.
- At such point a wonderful smell of the highest quality extra virgin olive oil, fills the entire building.

Smell our Extra Virgin Olives Oil…best is yet to come...

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