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New Product of the Year - International


The International New Product of the Year Award celebrates a product at Speciality & Fine Food Fair 2024 that has demonstrated creativity and innovation at the heart of its concept. The judges are looking for pioneering credentials, high quality construction, a clear USP and a product that comes from a brand that is constantly innovating and experimenting to inspire its customers. 


  • Must be a newly launched product since our last event (12th September 2023) 

  • Must be from an exhibiting company of the 2024 Fair 

  • Can already be listed with retailers or hospitality operators already  

  • Company must be registered anywhere outside of the UK 

  • Product must be made anywhere outside of the UK 

Entry Deadline: 28th June

Judging Criteria:

Our judges will select their top four finalists from our entries, which will then go to the public vote in July with the winner being announced on Tuesday 10th September at Speciality & Fine Food Fair.

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Dark Chocolate with Jerk Seasoning - Pure Chocolate Jamaica

A true homage to Jamaican Cuisine, PURE Chocolate Jamaica created this bar to celebrate the vibrant flavours of the Caribbean. The 70% dark chocolate with Jerk Seasoning takes you on a journey starting with dark chocolate notes, followed by the authentic spices and herbs that embody Jamaica's famous spice blend. Finishing the journey with a hint of Scotch Bonnet pepper, this bar is the ultimate companion to a glass of red wine and a charcuterie selection shared with friends.