• Guild of Fine Food

    The Guild of Fine Food formed in 1995, had one mission: to create close links between suppliers and retailers within the independent fine food sector. Today, with over 1300 members, the Guild of Fine Food is the organisation at the centre of fine food & drink in the UK and beyond.

  • Farm Retail Association

    Realising that the farm retail industry had no supporting body, a group of like-minded farmers took the reins and began their own association. The Farm Retail Association has enabled many lasting friendships and local groups to develop and many people and businesses have benefited from the membership over the years, many being farmers who have had to learn retailing from scratch.

    The association is proud and thankful to have always had a passionate team of people championing the families, teams and businesses who grow and sell Great British produce. Whatever area of farm retail you are from, they are here to help you and your business.

  • Virtual Cheese Awards

    Celebrating the best of British & Irish cheese, the Virtual Cheese Awards was launched in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic to promote and celebrate the fantastic British cheese industry in their time of great need.

    Although the 2020 Awards were organised very quickly, it attracted over 300 entries and helped raise awareness of some fantastic British cheeses and the people who make them. All the profits from the event were donated to support cheesemakers and farming charities.

  • The Food Marketing Experts

    We are a dynamic food marketing agency that transforms ambitious food & drinks brands into thriving businesses. We will fatten up your sales faster than you can say: ‘The Mary Berry Effect’. With over 90 years’ combined food industry expertise, some people call us their ‘secret brand- building weapon.’

  • British Charcuterie Live

    British Charcuterie Live - the Home for British Charcuterie, run the British Charcuterie Live Awards.

    Britain’s only National, Annual, Independent Charcuterie Awards, they were first held in 2018 to promote quality, variety and understanding of British Charcuterie. Now in their third year, they attract an ever-increasing number of producers and products and are recognised as benchmarking the standards for this growing sector.

    Alongside the Awards, British Charcuterie Live run their website with Producer & Charcuterie Lovers hubs and Britain’s only searchable, online Charcuterie Directory. Active on social media, they also mail out regularly to Consumers and Producers with the latest industry updates and news.

  • Creating Nature's Corridors

    Creating Nature’s Corridors is on a journey to rewild corridors of land in the UK. They are campaigning to urge those involved in the industry to incorporate the planting of more trees and hedgerows. To encourage biodiversity and carbon capture, as well as creating an improved living environment for local communities, they aim to plant over 10,000 trees/hedges across the UK per annum. 

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