adrian beale

We recently caught up with Adrian Beale, Co-founder and Sales & Marketing Director of Buckley & Beale, as he shares the top trends we should expect to see in 2021 and why he can't wait to be united with the fine food & drink community in September.

What product and trends do you see being prominent in the fine food and drink industry for 2021? What's in and what’s out for 2021? 

In general terms, I think we’ll see continued innovation in plant-based food and drinks, as consumers become increasingly concerned not only for their own health, but also for the health and welfare of the planet. I think Brexit will drive even greater interest in locally produced products; and, given recent lockdown measures, we’ll continue to see rapid growth in online shopping.

I expect it to be a big year for the food & drink CBD category, but it will be interesting to see what happens after the 31st March, as it’s estimated that as many as 90% of the current brands won’t be compliant with Novel Foods. Definitely something that retailers need to be aware of!

New Year tends to be a time for health and detoxing. What’s your top ‘no and low alcohol’ pick and what‘s your top healthy snack choice?

As the UK importer for The Jackfruit Company, we’ve been working hard this year to highlight just how good this product is. It still baffles me how jackfruit has been feeding millions of families for thousands of years across Asia, and yet the west still knows so little about it. It’s far more than just ’pulled pork’!

I’m not a big consumer of snacks, but I do enjoy a couple of rounds of peanut butter on toast at around half-three if that counts?

My non-alcoholic drinks of choice would be the Earl Grey from Suki Tea, or anything from Roastworks Coffee.

Have you got any New Year resolutions?

Sell more than yesterday.

What are your hopes for 2021 for our industry?

That consumers will continue to see the value of speciality food, i.e., great quality at a reasonable price, and not simply that ‘value’ means cheap. Great food & drink is most definitely worth paying extra for.

Where do you think the industry needs to improve in 2021?

It’s already doing a great job, but it should continue to press home the stories and people behind the products, as that’s what separates speciality food & drink from mass produced faceless brands.

Why is Speciality & Fine Food Fair important for your business?

The SFFF is far more than just a show that puts buyers and sellers together. It’s a resource for inspiration and innovation; an opportunity for growth and learning; and a chance to meet like-minded people and build new relationships. The SFFF has a sense of family, warmth, and collaboration that you simply don’t get from other shows.