Jeremy Bowen

We had a chat with Jeremy Bowen, Director of JB Foodie Solution about the trends he’s excited to see this year and what he loves most about sourcing products from Speciality & Fine Food Fair.

What product and trends do you see being prominent in the fine food and drink industry for 2021? What's in and what’s out for 2021? 

I would suggest it's not evolution but revolution on the high street. It's not just about product innovation but how and where we shop in 2021. Less is more and the focus is on real food rather than packaged non-essential. I feel it's about back to basics, such as butchers, bakers & candlestick makers! Yes we will still see mileage with vegan products, but customers will be more focused on packaging-free (sustainable shopping) and real food/slow food.

To sum up, I am excited to see the following:

  • Shopping local and supporting the high streets near you (not forgetting farmshops!)
  • The mults celebrating and moving forward with less packaging  
  • Best of British
  • Sustainable agriculture and farming food solutions
  • Amazon will always be at the top but direct to door delivery needs other royalty in the mix that focuses on local, seasonal sustainable. 

New Year tends to be a time for health and detoxing. What’s your top ‘no and low alcohol’ pick and what‘s your top healthy snack choice?

I cook from scratch every day, run as my exercise of choice and although I don’t have a cellar, I keep wine in the house.

Therefore, January will be about my belief in keeping it real – fads and fancies have never been my thing. It's not about the one trick pony of the January blues – but a 12 months way of living and working that generates results, mindful choices and the happiness of getting things done.

But if I have to answer, I would incorporate less red meat, more fruit, green vegetables, pulses and grains, and British fizz.

Have you got any New Year resolutions?

Keep it real, mindful commercial choices, and keep calm & covid carry on! 

What are your hopes for 2021 for our industry?

We must not be complacent and as said above, it’s time for change.

I hope that we love and cherish industry legends, such as The Guild of Fine Food as they do so much for all of us, but what do we do for them?  Plus, I hope to see retail and hospitality industries working closer together.

Where do you think the industry needs to improve in 2021?

Less is more, back to basics and real food! The industry needs to support rather than ignore our food heroes, such as not just looking for fashionista food.

We are excited to bring the community back together at Olympia in 2021. Do tell us what you love most about sourcing products from Speciality & Fine Food Fair 2021?

Speciality & Fine Food Fair is a one stop shop to engage with the foodie community. The Fair is a permanent fixture of my diary, why would it not be? Sourcing, tends, packaging, initiatives, NPD, and my foodie friends in a great location. It’s a quality shopping bag of commercial intent and I love it! 

Why is Speciality & Fine Food Fair important for your business?

Jbfoodsolutions is all about taking, walking and getting things done with ease and speed. Speciality & Fine Food Fair allows me and my client base a focused trade show of commercial intent. Exhibiting or visiting it’s a must do and as said, a permanent fixture in my diary. Why would you not attend? Please feel free to make contact with me personally and I will explain why Speciality & Fine Food Fair is commercially important, integral to what I do and such a joy.