We had a chat with Adrian Boswell, Buyer at Selfridges about his hopes for the industry this year, plus the trends and products he thinks will be prominent in 2021. 

What product and trends do you see being prominent in the fine food and drink industry for 2021?

In my opinion, it will be from one extreme to the other. On one hand, consumers will be focused on health so this will continue to be a trend along with sustainability, which will be a stronger part of our DNA going forward. On the other hand, gifting and premium quality product will see some success providing we begin to see improvements on fighting the pandemic.

What's in and what’s out for 2021? What trends, products or brands are you excited to see in 2021?

Again, in my opinion health products will be on trend, within the first half of the year, pending the outcome on the novel food ruling CBD holds a massive opportunity. Gut health, vegan (meat alternatives), and sustainability will also be key across all categories.

New Year tends to be a time for health and detoxing. What’s your top ‘no and low alcohol’ pick and what ‘s your top healthy snack choice?

Personally, I like my alcohol (specifically rum) with volume, but Three Spirit and Lucky Saint have come to my attention recently and I think both brands are great. My top healthy snack of choice is simply fruit & veg.

Have you got any New Year resolutions?

I am not one to subscribe to the new year new me, but I do feel 2020 has shown us that we should not take time and our loved ones for granted, so let’s live, laugh, and love at every opportunity.

What are your hopes for 2021 for our industry?

My hope is that as a community we band together in a way we have not done so before. We will continue to have challenges on a changing landscape, and I believe the key to this will be how work together. We also have a great opportunity to support British produce across all categories.

Where do you think the industry needs to improve in 2021? 

As per my point above, how we support each other in this new world will be key, the world has changed, our consumers have changed, and we will need to adapt as quickly and effectively as possible.

We are excited to bring the community back together at Olympia in 2021. Do tell us what you love most about sourcing products from Speciality & Fine Food Fair 2021?

It’s the energy of having so many people who are passionate about not only their products but Food as a whole which makes the event a must to attend.

Why is Speciality & Fine Food Fair important for your business?

Visiting Speciality Food Fair is always one of the first thing to go into my annual calendar. There is always a wide variety of brands which includes some exciting and innovative start-ups, as well as catching up with old faces to see what’s new.