Explore our FAIR Trend Trails

We know how important it is for buyers to uncover new industry trends and pick up the latest product inspiration that they can take back to their business.

In response to buyer demand, we introduced two Trend Trails to the Fair in 2021; the Vegan & Plant-Based Trail and the Non-Food Trail. These innovative trails highlight and guide our buyers round the producers who are leading the way in the latest industry trends, so you can source products in key trend areas quicker and more efficiently.

Get ready to boost or reignite your product lines with our Vegan & Plant-Based and Non-Food Trails.


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The Vegan & Plant-Based Trail

The plant-based and vegan movement has seen a significant rise in popularity in recent years, with the building conversation around sustainability and climate change, it's clear that these trends are becoming hugely popular with today's consumer. Plant-based and vegan products provide an ethical, flexible and sustainable choice for consumers all over the world. The Vegan & Plant-Based Trail guides buyers through the exciting producers who are paving the way in one of the fastest growing sections of the food & drink market.

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The Non-Food Trail

More than ever our buyers are on the hunt to source non-food items to expand their product offerings and boost their basket spend. Over the last year, independent retailers have been looking for more ways to tap into new product lines to encourage their customers to buy a wider range of products from their business. Our Non-Food Trail highlights a vibrant selection of non-food products from quirky giftware to innovative eco products, kitchenware to table accessories, and many more.