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In this month's 'Spotlight on...' series our focus is people. Read on for support and advice covering mental health, wellness and stress management, community spirit and engagement, and staff hygiene and safety. The artisan food & drink industry revolves around people, and we want to support you in ensuring your staff are happy, healthy, and informed.


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    Interview with Ian Richardson, Garsons Farm Shop

    As part of our 'Spotlight on...' series, we caught up with Ian Richardson, Managing Director of Garsons Farm Shops, to hear how they have been looking after their local communities during and post lockdown and how they're keeping their staff and customers safe.  
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    Focus on customer and staff safety as in-store footfall increases

    As more consumers return to bricks-and-mortar retail, customer and staff safety remains paramount for independent food shop owners given the continued threat of coronavirus. FFD speaks to four retailers about their experiences and lessons learned as they return to more normal trading conditions.
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    Tips and techniques for supporting your employees during COVID-19

    Employees are turning to their employer for support and guidance before and during their return to work. Here are some tips to support your staff through the necessary adjustments when returning to work.
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    Veg Power support the #SeasonalVeg campaign

    Veg Power has launched an appeal with the backing of chefs, food producers, writers and nutritionists nationwide to get the UK eating more seasonal vegetables and support food producers at this critical time.
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    The Top 10 COVID-era shifts in food & drink retail

    As part of the Montgomery Group series, Charles Banks, Co-Founder of thefoodpeople talks about how as an industry we’re adjusting to a COVID-era normal that will be with us for months and years to come, in this session he will explore the biggest shifts in food & drink retail and the likely manifestations.
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    How Cambridge Fruit Co. was saved by a tweet

    When news of Coronavirus broke, Neil Bharadwa, Founder of Cambridge Fruit Co., faced losing his home and business, however an unexpected tweet from New York changed everything. He’s since reinvented Cambridge Fruit Co. and fed thousands of NHS frontline staff and vulnerable families.
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    Top 5 Ways to Give Your Immune System A Head Start Against Viruses

    With a global pandemic taking place currently and a possible second wave waiting in the wings our thoughts have turned to helping our immune systems to be in the optimal position to fight off looming viruses. If you want to give your body the best chance, take a look at these top tips to help you out.
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    How to safeguard staff and customer confidence in-store

    As focus turns to the food and hospitality sector opening its doors again, following the latest news from the government, owners and managers now face a number of new challenging issues to navigate. At the forefront of this, restoring consumer confidence and protecting employees via enhanced sanitisation procedures will be critically important.



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