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The Oil Merchant ltd

The Oil Merchant was founded in 1984 when Charles Carey decided on a career move, sold his farm in Cornwall and drove to Italy. This was the first step in setting up as a merchant but, instead of wine, of olive oils, sourcing and offering the then rather rare and elusive estate and farm produced Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

His first find, following a tip from an oil producing friend on Monte Amiata, was a lovely co-operative in a small village in southern Tuscany.  Squeezing as many cases as he could into the back of his car he headed back to London and sold it to two shops. Partridges of Sloane Square is still a customer.

One extra virgin olive oil was soon followed by another and another until the list of Italian oils stretched from Tuscany and Umbria to Liguria in the west and the Molise in the south and then on to Sicily.  Delicious and individual oils from estates and farms in France, Spain, Greece and South Africa have long since joined the Italian Extra Virgin Oils.  So too have Walnut and Hazelnut oils, wine vinegars and balsamic vinegars and pestos and sugos made with olive oil.

The Oil Merchant remains a family business.  Our basic philosophy is to first love the product, admire the packaging and to like and trust our producers with whom we celebrate their commitment to the land and what it produces.


5 Goldhawk Mews
W12 8PA
United Kingdom
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  • Laudemio Frescobaldi with its emerald- green colour and scents of mown grass, artichoke hearts and green olives is consistantly outstanding. There are few awards that this oil hasn't won. 
  • To celebrate 25 years of Marina Colonna's commitment to her Molise Estate she has created a limited edition oil, Molensis.   
  • The family places enormous importance on the conservation of the environment. They carefully combine tradition with technical advances to  produce the highest quality products. 
  • The Tintori family make wonderful balsamic vinegar in the traditional way. Their attention to detail is reflected in the superb quality of their products and the care that they take to produce them. 
  • Ravida’s vibrant and lively aroma of green tomatoes and fresh woody herbs is continued on the palate, with some notes of bitter banana skin and a creamy background of toasted almonds.
  • Previously awarded Best Monovarietal Olive Oil in the World in Flos Olei Guide.  The design on the bottle is inspired by a traditional olive press. 
  • A L'Olivier's range includes fruit vinegars and wine vinegars, pastes and mustards. The packaging evolves too, to incorporate brightly coloured tins for flavoured oils and elegant labels for bottles.
  • Alziari’s blended Pauline oil has a smooth texture, with flavours of fresh meadow hay and some black pepper on the finish. 
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