Rounton Coffee

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Rounton Coffee

Our mission is to bring more accessibility to the world of specialty coffee, whilst having the
smallest possible impact on the environment.

We are committed to investing in producers across the world who value environmental and
social sustainability. By doing justice to their crops, we aim to give back to producers in a
meaningful way, so that their coffee can be enjoyed for generations to come.

We are dedicated to the responsible growth of our business and will ensure that people and
planet always are considered as equals to profit.


Rounton Coffee Roasters
East Rounton
North Yorkshire
United Kingdom
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  • Every coffee roaster needs a home; we found ours in an old granary building, tucked away at the top of North Yorkshire. We named our first blend after this home, and so the Granary Blend was born.
  • Our current decaf is a blend of lots from producers across Jaén, Peru. Smallholder farmers from the Chirinos and Huabal districts come together to deliver their coffee to a central dry mill.
  • Daybreak Blend is made up of two uncompromising coffees, designed to help you tackle whatever the world throws at you.
  • Two Stories was created to show off the wild side of coffee: a blend with funk and personality, designed to push the limits of what coffee can be.


  • Introducing Rounton Coffee

    06 Jul 2022 Rounton Coffee Roasters
    We are a small team with big dreams who really, really love coffee. We don't need to be the coolest, or take ourselves too seriously, so long as we're roasting dead good coffee.
  • Coffee, Consultancy, Equipment

    06 Jul 2022 Rounton Coffee Roasters
    Wholesale supply is about much more than just providing beans - it's about giving our wholesale partners the tools and support needed to thrive as a business and do justice to the coffees we source.
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