Radek's Chocolate

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Radek's Chocolate

Radek's Chocolate is a Bristol based, independent small company specialising in craft chocolate, truffles and brownies. We are organic, vegan, refined sugar-free and completely delicious! It is our goal to bring guilt free and ethical treats to as many people as possible.

The business began early 2008 in Bristol, the home of the first ever chocolate bar! Radek was working at the award-winning vegetarian restaurant Cafe Maitreya, exploring fine cuisine and serving our wonderful community before discovering cacao beans. Here his passion was born, and before long his dedication to good food and a healthy planet translated into the sophisticated chocolate creations available to us now.

It has always been greatly important to Radek’s Chocolate that all the ingredients used are ethically traded, organic, and carefully chosen from reliable and sustainable suppliers wherever possible. With this in mind, we feel it’s important to communicate our dedication towards the cause, so Radek’s Chocolate is organic and certified by OF&G. We are proud to participate in a global movement towards a happier and healthier planet.

As a company, we're committed to being as sustainable as possible. Our factory runs entirely on green energy and uses only natural ingredients.


Big O Kitchens
5-7 Clay Hill
5-7 Clay Hill
United Kingdom
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  • Warning! This Vegan Chocolate Brownie is on a serious health kick! You can really let loose with our soft, fudgy brownies, because they’re full of the finest organic and ethically sourced ingredients.
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