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Pasamelo brings a completely new, versatile food category onto the market. The bold vegan blend of Mediterranean tapenade style ingredients, without wheat, gluten or dairy, are combined to produce a product that is as versatile as possible. As such Pasamelo has a broad range of applicability and can to be used as an accompaniment to fish, chicken, steak dishes, cheese boards and breads; as a condiment, like a relish, sauce or dip for pizza, nachos, sandwiches and burgers; as an ingredient in your own dishes, such as baked into bread, omelettes or used to make pasta dishes or salads.

The umami, sour and salt flavours of the Artichoke and Olive Tapenade, and the sweet, umami, salt and spice of the Tomato and Piquante Pepper Tapenade, gives a wide range of flavour elements to work with. The production method has been carefully developed to produce the light chewable texture ensuring that Pasamelo releases flavour with every bite,  providing a long mouthfeel and extended experience.

Designed for busy people, the home family cook or the chef in mind, Pasamelo can be used straight from the jar, we also encourage our customers to re-mixed it with their own favourite ingredients to create culinary delights simply and quickly – Pasamelo does most of the work.  The feedback to date has demonstrated that Pasamelo has a very wide appeal from all ethnicities, ages including early teens and especially from the neurodivergent community who love the sensory experiences which are made available straight for the jar.


Future Leap
1-3 Gloucester Road
United Kingdom
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