Martín Berdugo - Single Vineyard Estate

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Martín Berdugo - Single Vineyard Estate

MARTÍN BERDUGO - SINGLE VINEYARD ESTATE. Our single vineyard estate offers the beauty and complexity of alluvial soils in the Duero River valley: gravel, sand, silt and light clay. An average age of 30 years gives our vines the maturity necessary to extract minerals that yield luxurious flavors and aromas wich make increasingly characterful, intense and flavorful wines.

We built our winery on the northern edge of our 87-hectare vineyard to make it as easy as possible for us to harvest the grapes. We are also able to select patches of vineyard where special characteristics can be transmitted to individual wines. We offer several ranges of wines that convey the essence of our vineyard, history, family and natural environment.


Bodega y Viñedos Martín Berdugo, S.L.
Carretera de la Colonia, S/N
Aranda de Duero
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  • This was the first vintage after the rebuilding of our winery following the fire caused by a lightning strike in 2013 and the qualitative leap made by the adoption of a gravity-fed winemaking system
  • Made 100% from Tempranillo grapes grown in our vineyard on an 11-hectare plot that is farmed under completely organic conditions.
  • Our Rosado (Rosé in Spanish) is made from 100% Tempranillo grapes grown exclusively on the single vineyard estate that surrounds our winery. 
  • Made with the Verdejo variety that has become Spain’s most popular white grape.
  • This was our first harvest following the rebuilding of our winery after a lightning bolt strike in 2013 caused a devastating fire, and the qualitative leap
  • This wine is made from Tinto Fino grapes, which are the Tempranillo clone that has evolved over centuries in Ribera del Duero.
  • Wine made with Tempranillo grapes from gravelly and pebbly soils. This variety is world renowned for how it combines its fruit aromas spectacularly well with the aromatic nuances of oak.
  • Our Barrica is the perfect starting point for a journey of discovery into the special magic that occurs when wine made from the Tempranillo grape variety combines with the aromas of oak.
  • Our Joven is a young wine offered for sale the spring after harvest with the aim of conveying an immediate impression of the year’s fruit quality. 


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