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Marsel Delights

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Marsel Delights

"Artisan Turkish delight made with the finest local and natural ingredients."

At Marsel Delights, we stay true to the essence and texture of Turkish delight, using techniques which allow us to reduce the sugar content and increase your enjoyment. Turkish delight has existed in Anatolia since the 15th century and spread throughout the Ottoman Empire in the 17th century where it was known as lokum, originating from the Arabic "rahat-ul hulküm", meaning “eases the throat”. A century later, it arrived in Europe by way of a British traveller who introduced the sweet as "Turkish Delight", and has been delighting the world ever since. Marsel’s "throat-soothing" sweet offers a perfect balance of gourmet flavours and contrasts and can be enjoyed by itself or as an accompaniment to any occasion. Taste is not the only sense we seek to indulge - when you open the carefully-designed Marsel Delights box, it is as if you are opening a special gift. We have conceived each of our flavours as a journey between tastes for a smooth, sweet experience.



205 Lavender Hill
SW11 5TB
United Kingdom
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  • Delight in the true taste of East meets West. Expertly prepared caramel is delicately incorporated with sea salt and dusted with almond powder to complete the flavour profile.
  • Turkish cuisine’s delicate and healing elements meet in this rose and blackberry Turkish delight. A dusting of blackberry powder balances the fragrance of the rose.
  • Sour cherry gets a makeover, combined here with almonds and cinnamon creating a rich and familiar taste. Deliciously dusted with Almond powder.
  • Pistachios Turkish Delight is Marsel's version of all time classic. Roasted Pistachio lokum is prepared to a perfect consistency and coated with our signature pistachio powder.
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