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We breed FoieGood ducks going far beyond the traditional free range standards, without cages, and without force feeding methods, in order to obtain both fattened livers (not foie gras) as a great foie gras alternative and outstanding meats.

This way we are offering a culinary treasure with a flavour and texture similar to foie gras upgrading and taking to the next level the animal welfare of our ducks.

FoieGood was born in year 2021 as result of extensive experience up to 30 years in the duck sector, an intense R&D activity focused on a constant improvement in the welfare of ducks, and the search of the best products for the most commitment customers to environmental sustainability and animal welfare.
We rear our ducks very slowly in high, dry and cold opened air area, with enough space to roam freely and access to open water, and without any cages or force feeding methods, allowing our ducks to fatten their livers as they would usually do in wild conditions.

What matters to you, matters to us.


Polígono La Solanilla, S/N
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  • The duck ham is the cured and spiced duck breast.  In adition, the FoieGood ham is a little bit spicy in order to give the product an exiting, rogue, fun and original touch. Simply awesome!!!
  • Duck Picanha is an extremely tender duck cut. We have called picanha due its appearance is quite similar than the beef cutting.
  • Extremely tender meat cutting and concentrated flavours. This make this piece so unique.  
  • Discover de Confit Half-Moons. We cook our FoieGood duck's gizzards for a long time and in low temperature in extra virgin olive oil Those confit Half-Moons are the great unknown of the duck products.
  • 4 pieces of duck legs slowly cooked in Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
  • 2 pieces of duck legs slowly cooked in Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • We have improved the traditional rillettes in order to obtain a juicy and tasty duck meat pate.
  • FoieGood Duck Spreadeable with Boletus Edulis is a duck pate elaborated with fattened duck livers obtained without forced feeding methods mixed with Boletus Edulis. Creamy texture and intense flavour.
  • FoieGood Duck Spreadeable with Truffle is a duck pate elaborated with fattened duck livers obtained without forced feeding methods mixed with truffle. Creamy texture and intense flavour.
  • FoieGood Duck Spreadeable is a duck pate elaborated with fattened duck livers obtained without forced feeding methods. Creamy texture and intense flavour.


  • Taste Institute Award

    18 Mar 2022 FoieGood- The Foie Gras Alternative
    Our FoieGood Duck Spreadable has been awarded this year by the International Taste Institute with the Superior Taste Award 2022 with one star.
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