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The European financed campaign EU FRESH FRUIT aims to promote and increase the consumption of the superior quality European fresh fruits to the consumers of the countries United Kingdom, Norway and Switzerland. The participant organizations are: C. NESTOS-Greece-Coordinator, C. FLAMOURIA-Greece-Partner, C SYMBOLO-Greece-Partner, APAR-Romania-Partner. Some of the most fertile areas with very big fruit production know how in Europe is Greece and Romania, two countries with ideal climatic and soil conditions that produce delicious fruits that can add to your daily diet all the freshness and the energy your body needs, like the  juicy apricots and peaches, the aromatic nectarines, the delicious kiwifruit, plums and sloes, red cherries, and delightful grapes. European fresh fruits, the definition of freshness and taste you can trust!


5ο km. Chrysoupoli-Keramoti
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  • Apricot is one of the most tasty summer fruits, with a very beautiful golden orange color , with very low calories. The apricot is considered particularly rich in vitamin A and contains carbohydrates, ...
  • Peach has a spherical or oval shape, and depending on the variety, has or does not have fluff. The peach has various colors of yellow, pink and red as well as white-yellow (white-fleshed peach). Peach ...
  • Nectarines are always being connected in our mind with the summer and its unique aromas and senses. Nectarines as historical resources refers has their origin in China, from where the 17th century has ...
  • Kiwi is among the most nutrient European fruits, with a brown and fluffy outside and a tasteful green inner juicy flesh. Kiwi is a delicious fruit that is being cultivating in spring and the harvest s ...
  • Plum is a fruit very rich in nutrients with very few calories and is ideal for every hour of the day. You can eat it raw, as a garnish, baked, as a spread on bread, and in many other ways.
  • Cherry is one of the most famous fruits, because everybody loves cherries. There are 2 types of cherries, the sweet and the sour cherries, and they are all delicious! The cherries are small, with a de ...
  • Since thousands of years one of the most favorite fruits in the world is the grape. Grape has been used since ancient era as edible fruit but also in winery. There are many types of grapes depending o ...
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