Dimitra Parparas Sa

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Dimitra Parparas Sa

Dimitra is a family owned and international oriented company, specialized in Olives, Pickled Peppers and Canned Vegetables.

Dimitra was founded in 1970 by Ioannis Papraras in North Greece with the aim of spreading worldwide the traditional products of the greek land and become the ambassador of the mediterannean diet, acknowledged for its high nutritional value. 

With over 95% export sales our products are enjoyed by customers in international markets spread over 5 continents.

Its contemporary facilities of 30.000 sqare meters are constructed according to ISO 22000 specificatins and regulations, equipped with in-house laboratory. The implementation of BRC Global Standard for Food Safety and the FDA registration guarantee the quality and safety of DIMITRA products.

Product categories include:

  • Table Olives (Kalamata, Green, Black Amfissa Variety, Oxidized Confit olives)
  • Pickled Peppers
  • Fire Roasted Red Paprika
  • Fire Roasted Eggplant Spread
  • Sun Dried Tomatoes 

DIMITRA offers private label products to some of the biggest retailers worldwide.


Main Building
7. Km Kilkis-Doirani
61 100
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  • Black natural olives are collected mature from the trees from November to January. The olive fruit is round-shaped with consistent texture and deep black color. Mostly used in salads or as appetizer.
  • Delicious sun-dried tomatoes, processed according to the ancient tradition that includes sun drying. Marinated in oil with Greek herbs, to maintain their unique taste.
  • Selected eggplants, roasted over fire, just like our grandmother used to make. Peeled and packeged free from additives, vinegar and preservatives, in accordance with the strictest hygiene rules. 
  • Fire roasted red paprika with smoky flavor & rich aroma. Peeled and pasteurized by the most up-to-date automatic systems
  • They are long shaped olive fruits with large size and intense flavor. The harvest in Greece is traditionally made by hand from the farmers, a tradition that protects the quality of the olives.
  • Low salted, deep black and green olives, also known as California type olives. They are famous for their sweet taste, and are ideal for toppings, salads and Pizzas.
  • Our premium quality peppers, made by our special recipe since 1970, are available whole or without head, ready to be stuffed and also sliced for pizzas and sandwiched. Ideal for a low fat diet.
  • Kalamon Olives, the unique variety of Greek olives derives its name from the region of Kalamata. Known for their oval shape, intense flavor, hard texture and a beautiful, shiny, purple-black color. 


  • Dimitra Olives

    20 Jul 2022


  • Superior Taste Award 2022

    20 Jul 2022 Fotini Parpara
    The DIMITRA Pickled Peppers in saltwater was awarded the Superior Taste Award in 2022
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