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With naked ambition and plenty of pluck, Authentic Fruits sets out on an expedition to source the finest and most sustainable fruits of the Amazon Rainforest. Our goal? To nourish and support people and the planet with super healthy fruit fusions that take mere minutes to prepare!

Why Us?

Our products are 100% organic, fresh, and delicious and do not need to be stored in the fridge. On top of that, they are profitable for everybody: grown & harvested by Family Farmers in the Amazon Rainforest and delivered straight to your door.

Social Responsibility

We take full responsibility for our social and environmental impact, respect the planet’s resources and help build thriving communities in the Amazon Rainforest. We work with small family farmers who grow and hand-pick our exotic fruits in such a beautiful and conscious way you can taste them in every…single… bite!

Our mission is to make superfood super easy for busy people who care about the Earth. We aim to change the world by providing sustainable work for family farmers and creating sustainable heavenly food for you. Our ethical and sustainable values feed our passion for innovating and nourishing both people and the planet.

Choose the best for yourself and those you love by joining an authentic food revolution!

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Rue Paul Devigne 72,
1030 Schaerbeek
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  • Authentic Fruits Organic Acai Bowl is the perfect blend of nutrient-dense superfoods.
  • Authentic Fruits Organic Immunity Bowl is the perfect blend of nutrient-dense superfoods.
  • Experience the taste of the jungle with Authentic Fruit’s Gourmet Acai Oil.
  • Organic Açaí Puree is made from wild harvested fruits with no sugar, oil, colouring, or preservatives added. The fruits are going through a pasteurization process according to Good Manufacturing Pract ...
  • A Delicious 100% Organic Acerola Pad directly from sustainable Brazilian Amazonian farmer communities. Coming from the best Acerola, this natural source of Vitamin C can be used to treat and prevent h ...
  • Brilliantly Delicious Acai Pad sweetened with Guarana, bringing you the best of both superfoods. Coming from the best Acai and Guarana, this has anti-ox and energising properties and can be used in va ...
  • The 100% Organic Cashew Pad is well known in our forest because it prevents heart disease due to its high magnesium content and attributes that contribute to reducing bad cholesterol. Coming from the ...
  • 100% Organic Mango Pad is your new source of protective compounds with antioxidant properties, bringing you the best of superfoods. These delicious fruits don't support only heart and eye health but c ...
  • Brilliantly Delicious 100% Papaya Pad, bringing you the best of Amazon and superfoods. Coming from the best Papaya, this has anti-ox vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E that can be used in various rec ...




  • Authentic Fruits Acai Bowl is a delicious, innovative, and unique product made from 100% organic acai. Rich in antioxidants, vitamin E and calcium, with no added sugar or other additives, it is ideal ...
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