29 Jul 2022

A far from Crumby beer

Crumbs Brewing Stand: 3155

Nearly half the bread made in the UK goes to waste. That stat shocked Elaine and Morgan so much they decided to do something about it. They created Crumbs Brewing, a brand that turns unsold loaves from our local artisan bakery in Surrey, Chalk Hills, into a range of delicious beers. 

They built the business from scratch starting out selling alongside Chalk Hills at local markets to now supplying Waitrose, John Lewis, Southern Co-op, the National Trust as well as a wide range of pubs, restaurants, hotels and farm shops.   Crumbs are passionate that the bread they use in their brews should mean something to our beers quality and flavour. Each beer is made with a single type of loaf, that way the beer reflects the bread that makes it. Its enabled Crumbs to grow by +50% every year and rescue over 30,000 loaves from being wasted

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