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21 May 2023

Brainapple products, the new agri-food industry established in Miranda de Ebro

BRAINAPPLE Stand: 1218

Brainapple, the new agri-food industry established in Miranda de Ebro, dedicated to the production of refreshing and healthy drinks, with the apple as the protagonist, which aims to supply the market with products that help its consumers achieve healthy longevity while enjoying a unique experience.

Among its products, the following stand out:
* Brainapple, a unique drink conceived as an original and delicious soft drink that maintains the essence of the apple and combines juice and vinegar, enhancing the original properties of both.
* Brainapple-Seaweed, a world novelty, given its preparation with Chlorella microalgae, with which a healthy and Premium quality drink has been achieved.
* Burkan, an artisan cider made with the traditional press and chestnut and stainless steel barrels.
* Seimer 100, a nutritional supplement that improves cognitive function and memory.

In short, a project with functional, innovative and ecological connotations, with differential processes and products, which makes a clear difference in the sector.

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