Isle of Cumbrae Distillers Stand: 2126e
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Nostalgin Nostalgin Nostalgin

In choosing our main botanicals, we tried to capture the transformation people describe when making their short ferry journey from the mainland town of Largs to Cumbrae; an instant lifting of stress, to a feeling of calm serenity. Our first thought was lavender. Our intention in using lavender is to awaken your senses with something fresh and light, to make you take notice of the ocean and the mountains surrounding you.

We’ve paired the distinctive taste of  lavender with ripe, fresh bramble, a berry that dominates our island coast in September and is an abundant local resource for our gin. Its complex flavours mirror the transformation, taking you from an awakening of the senses to a feeling of utter peace and calm. Finally, we chose a hint of sweet orange to complement the lavender and blackberry, to add a juicy, rich and flavourful blend to the main botanicals. We topped our recipe off with a dash of noble Scottish thistle and a smidgen of heather, considered to bring good luck and protection.


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