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Handmade Mixed Box of Fine Chocolates

Liza Green Chocolates Stand: 2641
  • Handmade Mixed Box of Fine Chocolates
  • Handmade Mixed Box of Fine Chocolates
  • Handmade Mixed Box of Fine Chocolates
Handmade Mixed Box of Fine Chocolates Handmade Mixed Box of Fine Chocolates Handmade Mixed Box of Fine Chocolates

The mixed box gives the consumer the opportunity to try a range of different flavours and designs.  It is the perfect way to experience the unique taste and look of fresh hand made fine chocolates. 

The flavours are seasonal but will always include classic favourites such as Salted Caramel, Champagne and Strawberry, and our calling-card chocolate Gold, Chilli and Blood Orange. 

The current flavous featured in our new September 2023 Menu are:

  • Salted Caramel:  Belgium fine milk chocolate filled with combination of muscovado sugars, cream and a pinch of rock salt flakes.
  • Passion Fruit Ganache:  A surprising but gentle tang of fresh passion fruit and cream encased in smooth white chocolate.
  • Hazelnut Praline:  Ground roasted hazelnuts, milk and dark chocolate and double cream, piped into a dark chocolate shell.
  • Spiced Pumpkin and Brandy: Fresh pumpkin puree blended into a milk chocolate ganache and a blend of aromatic spices including cinnamon, ginger, cloves and a nutmeg, finished with a warming splash of brandy in a milk chocolate shell.
  • Minty:  Our take on the night-time after dinner classic. Belgian dark chocolate, cream, and fresh garden mint.
  • Honey and Nougat: A blend of cultures and flavours including Italian nougat with English honey all finished in Belgian milk chocolate.
  • Chilli and Blood Orange:  A subtle balance of fresh blood orange, cream, milk and dark chocolate and a delightful tingling of chilli all in a dark chocolate shell decorated with edible gold leaf.
  • Champagne and Strawberry:  Fresh strawberries with Marc de Champagne spirit blended with cream & white chocolate, all in a milk chocolate shell.
  • Gold Ganache Bonbons: A golden combination and fast becoming a cult favourite, this is an expertly crafted ganache made from a special selection of ingredients including white chocolate and caramelised milk. The result is an intense yet balanced taste with rich notes of toffee, butter and cream, hand decorated with edible gold lustre dust.
  • Apple Surprise: Zesty green apple puree contrasts with the buttery, toffee flavour of Gold chocolate, all encased in a white chocolate shell. A must have for apple desert lovers everywhere.

Boxes contain between 6 to 24 selected hand made Liza Green Artisan Chocolates selected from the House Collection Menu.

WHAT YOU GET IN THE BOX:  The final choice of fresh chocolates in the box changes frequently to keep in step with the seasons and the availability of the best & freshest ingredients. 

ALLERGIES & INTOLERANCES:  Chocolates may contain nuts. 

SHELF LIFE: The shelf life of the mixed box is 4 weeks from delivery.  

STORAGE:  Wine fridge or equivalent.  Humidity controlled,  Min 12° to Max 18°C.  Eat at room temperature. 


  • 12 Choc Box:  Length: 163mm, Width: 120mm, Height: 35mm.
  • Net weight est. 144 grams


  • Snacks & Confectionery
  • Chocolate
  • Artisan / Speciality / Fine
  • D2C - Direct-to-Consumer
  • Gift Food
  • Private / White Labelling
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