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Laudemio Frescobaldi Laudemio Frescobaldi Laudemio Frescobaldi

After the severe frosts in Tuscany in 1985, a group of producers  set up a marketing group under the Laudemio banner, as a guarantee of provenance and quality. The Frescobaldis were one of the instigators of Laudemio and the oils were launched first in Florence and then here at two events; one at the River Café, one at the Italian Embassy. 

Today the Frescobaldi's estates surround Florence; they have over 741 acres of olive groves at an altidude of between 200 and 500 meters. The lay of the land, and their differing microclimates, allow the olive trees to bear unique fruits.  The olives are picked early in the ripening season, to capture the emerald-green colour and fresh flavours.  Just down the road from their beautiful Castello di Nipozzano, they have their mill, and it is here that they press the olives, Frantoio (70%), Moraiolo (20%) and Leccino (10%).    

After pressing some of the oil is stored in stainless steel tanks. Bottled in the distinctive faceted bottle  chosen by the Laudemio Consorzio, the oil is then boxed to keep it out of the light on the shop shelves. 

Laudemio Frescobaldi with its emerald- green colour and scents of mown grass, artichoke hearts and green olives is consistantly outstanding. The robust flavours are well balanced with notable bitterness, sparkling spiceness and a long- lasting fruitiness. There are few awards that this oil hasn't won. 

Complex and delicious, with fresh lemon zest, woody herbs and richer notes of ground coffee all present in the aroma of Frescobaldi’s new season oil. This complexity continues in mouth – full and aromatic, with some ripening banana, more woody herbs and a long-lasting, spicy finish. You are left with more coffee notes and a pleasing bitterness. A refined and very interesting oil. 


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