Karen eats flavoured nuts

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  • Karen eats flavoured nuts
  • Karen eats flavoured nuts
Karen eats flavoured nuts Karen eats flavoured nuts

Our nuts are a mixture of caramelised almonds, cashews and pecans that come in two flavours: cinnamon spice and sweet n’ heat. They are crunchy, generously coated and are PACKED with flavour. They come in two sizes, a 65g resealable stand-up pouch and a 30g impulse pillow pouch, both fully recyclable. Our point of difference is our innovation in creating a more exciting swap for nut products such as dry roasted and salted peanuts, and a healthier alternative for products that have a similar taste profile but which are nutritionally poor. Our products are whole foods and natural, but genuinely taste naughty. Indulgence can have nutritional benefits too!

Our USPs are:

  • High quality premium nuts
  • Low/reduced sugar in seasoning
  • Plant based and gluten free seasoning
  • No artificials
  • HFSS compliant


  • Snacks & Confectionery
  • Nuts
  • Ambient
  • Artisan / Speciality / Fine
  • Free-from
  • Plant Based
  • Recyclable
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian

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