The Granary Blend

Rounton Coffee Stand: 2530
  • The Granary Blend
  • The Granary Blend
The Granary Blend The Granary Blend

The Granary is more than just a roastery for us; it's so packed full of personality that at times it feels like a living member of the team!  It seemed only fitting that we named our first blend after this home, and so the Granary Blend was born.

The Granary Blend has remained pretty much the same since its first iteration - why mess with a good thing? With great body, balance and natural sweetness, it's everything you could want in an espresso blend.

By drinking Granary Blend, you're helping to plant trees in Uganda. By pledging an additional 60p per kilo of green coffee we buy, we will be supporting their ACE 2030 project, a 10-year plan emphasising the integral link between agriculture, community and the environment.


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