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Golden Road Gin

Golden Road Gin & Preseli Hills Honey Stand: 2752
  • Golden Road Gin
  • Golden Road Gin
  • Golden Road Gin
Golden Road Gin Golden Road Gin Golden Road Gin


It began as a dream, like many good things in life.

We (that being myself Phil Wheeler and my wife Jennifer) had often had those conversations in front of fire.  Wouldn’t it be fantastic if….  If we had the time and the funds wouldn’t it be fabulous to….

Jennifer and I have always been big foodie people, Jen trained as a chef and I have been passionate about gin for many years – ha ha.

As many people do, in their mid-life, we had a realization that life is for making the most of,  so we decided to embark on a gin adventure.

We spent a year working in collaboration with the fabulous team and In The Welsh Wind, spending days in their wonderful botanicals room crafting many different recipes.

… as I mentioned, both Jennifer and I have enjoyed gin for many years so we knew what we were aiming at insofar as quality and taste but it took quite some time to design the perfect profile.

We wanted to craft gin that evokes a feeling of relaxed adventure and refreshing smoothness. 

It has been so exciting to share our gin with people and hear that other people really love it too.  

Even a few brave people who don’t enjoy gin have tasted it and have really found it delicious which is great to hear. 

We hope you enjoy Golden Road very much and that your fireside dreams come true too. 

Having a Great Taste Award amplies how we feel about the gin. 


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