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G.H.Q. Spiced Rum

G.H.Q. Spirits Stand: 2728
  • G.H.Q. Spiced Rum
  • G.H.Q. Spiced Rum
  • G.H.Q. Spiced Rum
G.H.Q. Spiced Rum G.H.Q. Spiced Rum G.H.Q. Spiced Rum


Jamaican, Dominicam Republic and Guyana rums blended with Cairngorm mountain water which has a natural purity on account of the geology and terroir of the region.  Infused with banana peel, fresh vsanilla, nutmeg, ginger and toasted coconut.  A rum that will transport the drinker onto a sun kissed Caribbean beach with every sip, feeling the warm trade winds bursting with the aromas of sweet spices. A truly hedonistic experience. 

NOTES: Beautiful, intense nose.  Fruity and floral with a light elegant first impression of dried tropical fruit, nougat and wood spices.

TASTE: Refreshing and crisp with a matching richness and a sweet and sour note.  Creamy but light throughout with a lovely sweetness and spice level. 

Finish: It is a lovely and fresh expression with a nice balance between sweet and savoury notes. 

Vegan friendly

Alergen info: negligible


  • Rum
  • Private / White Labelling
  • Recyclable
  • Sustainable
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
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