Foie Royale Entier range

Foie Royale Stand: 2005
  • Foie Royale Entier range
  • Foie Royale Entier range
  • Foie Royale Entier range
Foie Royale Entier range Foie Royale Entier range Foie Royale Entier range

Made from the by-products of free-range birds raised for their meat, bred outdoors and not forced fed. Healthy, normal-sized livers and fat are collected to create natural taste and feel using modern technology.


Since releasing our Classic range of Foie Royale, many chefs have applauded its similarity in taste to foie gras and the diversity in its ability to be used in so many different ways and in such a broad range of dishes. With the aim to encourage more people to switch to this ethical alternative to foie gras – no more force-feeding, we continued innovating and researching. Four years after the launch of the Classic range, we have produced a product that not only gives that great Foie Royale taste but also replicates the texture of foie gras. After rounds and rounds of taste testing, it became clear that we had found what we were looking for. This is our Entier range.


Our Foie Royale Entier is produced by merging different batches of the Classic range that not only delivers the rich depth of flavour, but also the textural variation and density that you get from foie gras. Not only does it taste great and feel like a natural product in the mouth, there is the visual difference where the different layers’ colour and density are visible, creating a much more natural looking product.


The Entier range will undoubtedly satisfy the foie gras consumers out there. Especially those who worry about how their food was made, as this product is both sustainable and produced to the highest ethical standards in Europe.


Available in duck and goose.

Block: 275g, 600g

Kilner: 80g, 180g, 340g


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