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Eddie Edible Ink Printer

DTM Print Stand: 3147
  • Eddie Edible Ink Printer
  • Eddie Edible Ink Printer
  • Eddie Edible Ink Printer
Eddie Edible Ink Printer Eddie Edible Ink Printer Eddie Edible Ink Printer

Eddie Edible Ink Printer is the world’s first-and-only NSF and GMP-certified edible ink desktop printer for directly printing onto cookies, candy, white chocolate, biscuits, macarons, marshmallows, chocolate lentils, donuts and much more. 

Using the included carousel, Eddie prints a dozen 89 mm cookies or other similar-sized items in just two minutes. The carousel rotates the cookies to the print position, then the printer pulls in cookies or sweets one at a time, prints and sends them back to the carousel – all automatically and hands-free. To print on taller confections such as donuts, the carousel needs to be removed and instead the Platform Kit is installed. Each food item is then manually fed onto the platform.

Food Height and Width Specifications
Using the included carousel, Eddie holds up to twelve items from 89 mm to 105 mm in diameter with a maximum thickness of 19 mm.

To print on taller, special shaped confections or multiple items in one run Eddie’s manual feeding option combined with DTM Trays extends the width to 120 mm and allows thicker items with a maximum height of 27 mm. A wide selection of acrylic food trays including custom-shaped trays are designed especially for Eddie by DTM Print.

And the third option is to use the Eddie Platform Kit for items up to 60 mm high and up to 120 mm wide.

Personalisation is all the rage in today’s consumer and B2B markets. Eddie can produce new profits in commercial settings from bakeries to hotels, tradeshows, gift shops and amusement parks. Applications for personalised baked goods and confectionery include birthday parties, baby showers, religious initiation ceremonies such as baptism or bar/bat mitzvahs, weddings, anniversaries, Christmas and holiday gifts, trade show giveaways and souvenirs.

Eddie was designed from the beginning to meet or exceed all regulatory requirements for the specific purpose as an edible ink digital printer. The edible ink cartridge meets all FDA and EU standards for use as a food additive. The ink cartridge itself meets cGMP standards and the entire manufacturing and cartridge filling processes are FDA-compliant and cGMP certified. Last but not least Eddie has also been certified by NSF and just recently received its Kosher Pareve certification. Its edible ink is also Halal and suitable for vegans.


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