Chairman's Reserve Legacy

Saint Lucia Distillers Stand: 1120d

"Legacy" is a blend of rums that honours the contribution of Laurie Barnard to the creation of Chairman's Reserve and showcases the Art of Blending which was central to his philosophy. The blend contains rums from both the John Dore and Vendome pot stills, as well as our Coffey still. In addition to traditional molasses based rums the blend is freshned and balanced by the addition of sugar cane rum made entirely on our estate in Roseau. This rum is fermented using wild yeasts and is distilled in the John Dore pot still. The resulting blend is the embodiment of the vision Laurie Barnard had for St. Lucia Distillers. 


  • Rum
  • Ambient
  • Artisan / Speciality / Fine
  • Sustainable