CASCOA - the edible coffee bar

CASCOA - the edible coffee bar Stand: 2728
  • CASCOA - the edible coffee bar
  • CASCOA - the edible coffee bar
  • CASCOA - the edible coffee bar
CASCOA - the edible coffee bar CASCOA - the edible coffee bar CASCOA - the edible coffee bar

A quick bite with a lasting effect

Containing 50 mg of caffeine, CASCOA packs the same punch as your favourite energy drink or coffee order. The difference is that it’s filled to the brim with natural fibres and healthy antioxidants. And because you digest it as a solid, the energy is gradually micro-released into your system. All peaks, no plummets. On top, the bar is gluten-free and vegan!

Your solid caffeine kick

CASCOA looks like chocolate. It even feels like chocolate—firm and solid at room temperature, silky and smooth on your tongue. But it's solid caffeine, and as such, it doesn’t quite taste like chocolate.
The CASCOA bar combines flavour notes of black coffee, dark chocolate, nuts, and dried fruit with a lingering, grapefruit-like twang. Just like your morning lungo.

As natural as they come

A bar that boosts your energy must be packed with sugar, right?


CASCOA contains only five ingredients, and they’re as natural as your morning shower. All it takes is cocoa butter, coffee beans, a dash of salt, a sprinkling of sugar, and the secret ingredient: the cascara or coffee cherry. It’s everything your body loves, because each CASCOA bar is packed with antioxidants, dietary fibres, and natural saturated fats. And it’s great news for the planet and our workers, too.

The CASCOA effect

Each CASCOA bar contains 50 mg of caffeine. That’s enough to boost your vitality and alertness for up to 4 hours. Since the caffeine is absorbed entirely by the cacao butter, it is gradually released as the bar travels from your stomach to your intestines. What you get is a slow, steady burn. 

After all, your day is a marathon, not a race. CASCOA helps you gear up right.


CASCOA brings a unique and unprecedented flavour experience! 

Texture wise, CASCOA will be very similar to high-quality chocolate. Yet, imagine eating a chocolate that actually is not cocoa, but simply 100% made from coffee. It is solid at room temperature, and once it touches your tongue it quickly melts into a smooth and silky experience.

Since we use the whole coffee cherry, the flavour is truly deep, fruity and rich.

Flavour notes: coffee, dark chocolate, nuts and hints of dried fruit.

Aftertaste: long lasting coffee with a grapefruit-like bitterness.


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